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Tips To Attract More Players To A Casino

We are fortunate in the casino industry to have access to tons of data about our players.

Here Are The Five Additional Metrics To Consider:

Visit The Casino

Predicting value is very difficult, if not impossible, especially when evaluating just one casino visit. Most databases are full of players with low frequency of casino visits and although casino visits are considered in the player evaluation, they are generally used to exclude players from receiving an offer rather than using it. as an opportunity to attract additional play.

The next step is to find out why people pay a visit to the casino in the first place. By understanding the motivation behind a visit to the casino, marketers can customize the offers based on the individual player. Is the casino visit for games, entertainment, dining, or a special occasion? This information can help us better understand the gambler on a casino visit and the overnight gambler.

Loss Of Tolerance And Pooling

We all know that our players have an amount of money that they are willing to spend or lose during a visit to the casino.

By understanding portfolio elasticity or loss tolerance, we can begin to recognize and reward players for their unique gambling habits, which means an increase in play per casino visit.

Using a loss tolerance scale, we can begin to build rollover models handed to a player while they are in the casino. For example: a player’s experience depends on whether the game works for or against them.


Once we start to understand casino visits and potential casino visits, along with the driving factor of a casino visit, we can begin to dig into the demographics.

Relationships / Influencers

If you’ve worked on the floor, you quickly discover the guests influencing the “regulars.” They are in charge of the self-imposed complaints committee. They are the ones who advocate for the casino or influence players to riot at another location. Once we identify the value of these individuals, we can avoid a rating that could send a group of players home.

Total Value

Assessing a player’s total worth should be a consideration to ensure that we are not missing anything. Although you cannot change the investment in the player, it could allow us to significantly improve the personalization of the offer, which improves engagement and potentially increases visits. This can also help us maximize low occupancy days at the casino or bring retail revenue to other forms of entertainment such as restaurants.

Basically, we can have it all if we take the time to create a more complete gamer model.

Luck really has little to do with driving additional games in today’s competitive market. Casinos that understand your product and your data will improve revenue.

One last warning: don’t get lost in the numbers. Remember, we are talking about real people. The way we communicate the offer is as important as the offer itself. The magic happens when we can deliver the right offer at the right time. And a little luck can’t hurt.

Best Strategies To Win At Slot Machines And Blackjack

One of the best strategies for beating slot machines is to bet on maximum bets, as the chances of winning big wins are increased. In addition, it is also the only way to qualify for the progressive jackpot of the slots. However, this strategy should always be followed within a previously established budget. After all, slot machines are a game of chance, so you can have small streaks of poor results. For this reason, setting a budget to play is the best way to avoid possible losses and win at slots.

Methods To Win At Blackjack

Most of the more experienced blackjack players tend to stand when they hit 17 points, as well as a high hand, especially when they don’t have Aces in their hand. This is a very successful strategy, since at that point the chances of going over 21 with any of the cards received from the dealer increase. Remember that when the player exceeds 21 points, he is automatically eliminated, so the casino wins the game.

It is also important to split the Aces. The Ace is the most important card in Blackjack, but if the player matches that card with another Ace, he gets a very weak hand to win the game. For this reason, splitting the Aces is the best strategy to get a chance to get closer to 21 points. These simple strategies will help you win at blackjack, although you will also need to have some skill with the cards.